Food Safety

Thank you for your interest in the DoughFinis!

The DoughFinis was built to the ANSI/NSF 2-2018 food safe standard with oversight and evaluation by NSF certified engineers who work in industry for large food companies, the names of which you would recognize immediately.

While selling a non NSF certified device is perfectly legal, on this point Wholly Sheet is less concerned with legalities, and more concerned with your health and safety. But please know that it is a common strategy for companies who are fielding a new device, especially when it is mostly the same as other already certified devices, to build it with safe and established design practices and materials, but release it to the public while the device is in the finishing stages of being certified.

As a side note, a huge portion of the products sold online that are imported from China, and in the case of dough handling equipment, South America, have no certification, and will never achieve that status.

The next step, of course, is for our product to be evaluated by one of the certifying agency’s (there are several). However, there is a monetary cost to be considered. Also, we would like to caution you that we have only the most general of ideas as to how long the evaluation might take. We are hearing that the time to complete the process could range between four and sixteen months. This delay, not only the cost, is why we are releasing the device without certification in order to generate a revenue stream to, among other things, pay for the certification process.

A final thought: on the point of infectious agents (as opposed to chemical transfer, paint or loose hardware entering the food) we believe that because of how easy it is to dissemble the DoughFinis, and thus clean it, it very well might be the single safest device of its type offered at this time. If you think about it, with regard to infection, a machine is only as safe as the operator is willing to keep it clean. So if the device is difficult to clean, the design harbors at least some culpability in any potential infection of down line customers. We feel we did our part in making it stunningly easy to clean. We hope you agree.

I hope this addresses your concerns.

Regards, Ross and J

J McCarty-Bell