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The dough sheeter is sought after device that can increase the bottom line of any small bakery, pizza vendor or cake artisan.

Unfortunately, they’re normally too slow for the artisan pizzeria, they lack versatility, are big, expensive, and just too darned UGLY to be used in front of the customer in the micro-bakery setting. We fixed ALL of that with the design of the DoughFinis multi-function dough and fondant processor. Like no other product available, the DoughFinis is also a platform for quick change rotary cutter dies for noodles, pasta and eventually, fondant shapes. See our video below.

wE’RE CURRENTLY offering two models and a line of accessories;

Basic from right.jpg


Professional Red.jpg


Like to see models starting at 350.00? Then…..

The DoughFinis

Artisan Dough and Fondant Processor

We spent several years researching, developing AND HEAVILY TESTING an affordable, attractive, multi-function artisan level dough sheeter and fondant processor that also cuts noodles and pasta. We consulted with a nearly 200 person focus group comprised of professional and amateur, bakers, cake decorators, cafe and pizzeria owners before finalizing the design. It’s 18” wide, and has a working dough thickness of 1-3/4” AND accepts rotary cutter dies. It’s fully reversible and it’s very fast at making pizza skins with a motor kit.