Mixer to DoughFinis Alignment Blocks (not including mounting board)

Mixer to DoughFinis Alignment Blocks (not including mounting board)

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CAUTION! When used with a stand mixer the DoughFinis and the mixer must EACH be fastened securely to the work surface!

If either is not, the torque generated by your mixer will throw the sheeter or the mixer off of the work surface. The DoughFinis was designed with a wide brim on its foot for screwing or clamping but the stand mixer must also be secured. See our videos on YouTube for cheap and easy options for how to mount your unit safely.

Your DoughFinis was designed to be mounted in a variety of ways to leave you the greatest flexibility in placement. For example, it’s wide foot brim allows it to be clamped or screwed to an existing bakers bench where acceptable, mounted to a transport board or mounted on a proprietary stand we are completing the design of now.

These alignment blocks take care of both providing a hold-down force on the foot of the unit, ans well as aligning the unit with your stand mixer. A strap is required to keep the tilt head mixer from rising while in use.